About Taqaddam


As citizens from the north to the south of the Kingdom are out on the streets demanding their rights and a better life..

As the state falls deeper into debt..

As a generation of Jordanians emerges unafraid to speak out what's on its mind.. 

As our educational institutions continue to be degraded..

As we witness outbursts of societal violence and a rhetoric that divides us into factions..

As our environment suffers from the abuse of resources and unsustainable energy, water and development policies..

As long-needed reforms are delayed or obstructed..

As Jordan witnesses a process of political, social and economic transformation and  turmoil.. Where is the voice of Jordan's open-minded, progressive community?

Isn't it unacceptable that all we hear out there, on the street and in the media, are the loud voices of a "conservative government" and an "eternal opposition". Yes, there are some other new and old political and social forces out there, who have a voice, but these voices have been either too small, too chaotic or too angry to have a broad appeal.

Haven't we already witnessed how our margin of freedom can be at risk by government action and the work of conservative, populist groups?

A modern, democratic Jordan, needs the voice of its community of open-minded, future oriented democrats.

Jordan needs a citizen-driven platform for positive political, economic and social change. 

Jordan's progressive, open-minded, democratic, productive and sustainability-oriented community is fragmented. It urgently needs to go through a process of self discovery, to find its voice and to organize itself.

That's why a group of Jordanians decided to launch this initiative: Taqaddam!

Taqddam's founding principles are:

* Modern citizenship, democracy and protection of individual liberties.
* Building a productive and innovative economy.
* Social justice/social responsibility and social progress through education and equal opportunities.
* Environmental sustainability.

We want this platform to take political and social communication to new levels of citizen engagement, to reach new audience and give people room for rich conversations, while also presenting new ambitious ideas to elevate the ongoing societal debate.

Taqadaam is not a political party, but an interactive informational and activism platform. We will start online, with our portal and social media channels. But we will quickly move into organizing debates and public outreach activities, as well as launch campaigns that address specific issues which the growing Taqaddam Community feels are relevant.

We hope that these activities will contribute to building a strong, vocal community of Jordanians who believe in a democratic, progressive, green and secure Jordan. The voice of this community should become a driver for positive change, for a better Jordan, for all Jordanians.

Today, many of us, blame "them". We talk about how bad things are in the privacy of our homes, offices, workplaces and social gatherings. It's time to step up and speak out, not just as individuals, but as a connected, active community.

That's why Taqaddam was created.

Step up. For a democratic, progressive, productive, green and secure Jordan